The Universe.., the real hand for protection

Thank you God Almighty, the Universe for making my passionated dream true and made in Reality which I have been carrying even from my childhood. That day in Jan is so cHerisHing for me. And I love to remember; if we desire with a fire God will surely make it accomplished for ourselves even if we forget the same. The power of universe is tremendous and unimaginable. Thank you once again the real protecting hands.

Nature’s…..Silent beauty


See the silent beauty of nature. I should say I felt a bit afraid where the little rings on water and round clouds seems as same..And they met each other in a distant view…So thrilling right…..A view of pleasure and silence ..Nature .. the real hand of protection..i am Enjoying every moment here…

Days moves on ..

Days moving ahead giving new lessons of relations., Experience, hope, reality, expectation to reach my destiny…

Destiny is still ambiguous in certain moments, feels like all gone upside down..where time is so short atleast to refix.

Clarity is there only in my minds wish. Still there exists a correlation error.

Hoping the best to happen

With Grinch

With Grinch… ….

she enjoyed the dayy exciting saturdayyy with her Buddyyy and Grinch…

The naughty Grinch is along with her watching all the happiness and thrill of her mind….

10 th the day was awesome for her.. it can’t b forget at any point of time thought out her life…the amount of enjoyment she had.. the amount of relief she had …the kind of nostalgic affection she had… the mode of uncontrolled happiness all is viewed by Grinch with her naughty Love..that moment wil b remembered with a cutie smile of her..

Expressing tons of thankfullnes to Her Love and Grinch for making her Awesome…

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